CHSA Standard

CHSA Stands for Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association.

One of the aims of this association is to raise standards in paper product supplies. Over the last few years practice has occurred within the soft tissues markets of supplying products in unmarked packs were some suppliers have been passing products off as being more than they really are. (ie 200 sheets per toilet roll when in fact there were only 100 sheets).

 CHSA has taken the initiative to rid the market place of these suppliers and the bad practice, with the introduction of the Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme.

Companies who are under the scheme undertake to fully label product lengths, widths and sheet counts, to guarantee the product in the box meets the specification on the label.

The scheme is also monitored by independent inspectors who will make visits on participating manufacturers to ensure compliance.

By manufactures displaying the CHSA Standard logo on products, customers can see exactly what they are getting and what they have paid for.

We at Solar Hygiene have carefully selected a manufacturer that is under the scheme and all our paper products are manufactured under the scheme and have the accredited logo with the full size, width and sheet count.