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The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot provides excellent comfort and pressure reductions for patients with a

high risk of developing pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area.


For patients with pressure damage, the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot can be an effective solution for wound

healing as its unique design allows for heel offloading. (NICE 2014) The 2014 European Pressure Ulcer

Advisory Panel (EPUAP 2014) guidelines also recommend the practice of offloading pressure.


The use of heel protection devices such as the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot is a very effective intervention for

preventing heel damage in patients and is a valuable resource in the treatment of existing pressure ulcers.


Reduction of Pressure and Shear at the heel

The reduction of pressure and shear at the heel is an important point in clinical practice. The posterior

prominence of the heel sustains intense pressure, even when a pressure redistribution surface is used

(EPUAP 2014). The reduction of pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area is a challenge for most clinicians.


Attributing factors for increased risk are positioning difficulties and lack of subcutaneous fat in the area.


Maxxcare Cushioning Technology

The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot has been developed by Vicair who are known for the uniquely designed

specialist cushions that offer superior pressure redistribution and optimal positioning. Using this

specialist knowledge the new Maxxcare Heel Boot has been developed from a durable specialist low

friction material on the exterior with a soft and smooth interior. Four removable air tubes form comfortable

cushioning effect around the foot for complete heel protection.


Pressure and Shear Protection for heels

The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot is light and comfortable enough to be worn by the patient in any position.

When used in a supine and optimum seated position, it completely off loads pressure from the heel.

The Maxxcare Heel Boot can be used as a preventive measure. If the patient has an existing heel

pressure ulcer it is an effective healing aid.


The pressure inflated air capsules inside the boot create optimum comfort and stable positioning to

support the foot and ensure effective pressure redistribution to the heel area.


Features and Options

  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate a wide range of foot dimensions.
  • Patients with an instep-contour of more than 43cm are advised to use the XL size.
  • Adjustable velcro straps ensure the best individual fit for patients to achieve secure positioning.
  • The boot can be machine washed without removing internal inflated air cushions.
  • Label on the front to be completed with patient details for indentification purposes.


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Pack Size: Single Boot

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