Hard Water Dish Wash Detergent - 2x5 Litres

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Hard Water Dish Wash Detergent for automatic dishwash machines is formulated to remove heavy grease, dried on food and tannin stains from crockery and cutlery.

Hard Water Dish Wash Detergent is low foaming provides excellent cleaning results in soft, medium and hard water areas.. Also formulated to prevent limescale and re deposition of soil. Suitable for use in all types of single & multi tank automatic dishwashing machines.

To achieve good dishwashing results from your machine and chemicals always scrape food from crockery into the bin and then rinse with clean water. When stacking cutlery, plates and cups do not over load and always face cups down. Crockery must be dry before stacking onto shelves.

After you have finished using the machine for the day switch off and drain. Remove and empty scrap tray and remove curtain and filter plate, clean thoroughly with Kitchen Degreaser on interior surfaces and leave for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry with door open.


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Pack Size: 2x5 Litres

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