Odour Control

Odour Control for the care home sector is a major area for concern. Especially with urine on carpets, mattress, upholstery and fabrics. When the urine is passed onto the carpet either by humans dogs or cats, within hours the acidic urine solution goes through a chemical change to alkaline leaving salts within the fabric. The urine salts combine with moisture which forms bacteria, this causes the lingering bad smell.

A foul and offensive smell is viewed as "repulsive to one or more persons". Such smells will put off your potential customers or even stop people from visiting your home. On the other hand positive smells will give your customers a pleasant experience and hopefully return in the future.

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Product no.: 154A

Solar Urine/Odour Neutraliser will eliminate/remove any odours directly from the source INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH fast acting will remove pet odour including urine deposit odour,cat & dog urine odour,bad toilet smells, carpet urine odour, upholstery odour and many more, environmentally friendly and non hazardous

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Product no.: 153

Cherry Deodouriser 2x5 Litre

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Product no.: US

Urinal Screen 30 Day Fragrance available in Mango Cherry and Ocean

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Aerosol Air Fresheners 400ml x 12

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Product no.: 158

Automatic Air Freshener Unit pack includes fragrance can and batteries.

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Air Freshener Refills 12 x 300ml for Automatic Air Freshener Units

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