Appliance Limescale Remover- Catering and Kitchen Equipment - 2x5 Litres

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Appliance Limescale Remover for catering and kitchen equipment is a highly concentrated limescale remover formulated for removing limescale rust stains, calcium deposits and associated soiling from all kettles, steam irons and coffee machines.



How to Use



  • Pour 100ml into kettle and fill with tap water. Stir and leave for 8 hours. Empty contents and rinse with clean water 3 times.
  • Fill kettle and boil once then discard before use. For heavy scaling use 200ml and repeat as above.


Steam Irons

  • Mix 50ml product to 50ml water in jug. Add to steam iron and top up with water to fill reservior. Place in plastic bowl face down. leave for 15-20 minutes before emptying.
  • Rinse twice with water and wipe dry.


Coffee Machines

  • Mix 100ml of product with 2 cups of water. Stir thoroughly and pour into reservior. Switch machine on for one minute. Switch off and leave for 8 hours.
  • Switch on and boil the remaining liquid through as normal. Discard liquid and boil a full container through at least twice before use.



Pack Size: 2x5 Litre


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