Daily Use Ocean Toilet Cleaner 12x1 Litres

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Daily Use Ocean Toilet Cleaner.

A blue viscous liquid with a refreshing Ocean fragrance, this natural cleaner is safe to use on all types of toilet bowls and urinals. It is thixotropic so it will cling well to surfaces.


Daily Use Ocean Toilet Cleaner is thickened to ensure a better cleaning action, this toilet cleaner will remove dirt and stains, kill germs and provide a strong refreshing lemon fragrance.

Daily Use Ocean Toilet Cleaner will clean, disinfect and deodourise in one operation, safe to use on stainless steel.

Daily Use Ocean Toilet Cleaner is non staining and will not leave a blue/green stain in toilet bowl like some cheaper made alternatives.

Environmentally friendly product has had synthetic based detergents removed where possible and replaced with up to 97% naturally derived materials. This ensures the product works well but is as Green as possible and therefore causes minimum damage to the environment when biodegrading.


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Pack Size: 12x1 Litres

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