Oven Cleaner and Carbon Remover - 2x5 Litres

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Solar Oven Cleaner and Carbon Remover is a powerful and effective heavy duty oven cleaner with a thickened formulation which clings to surfaces to increase contact time for better cleaning.

Solar Oven Cleaner/Carbon Remover is ideal for deep cleaning of ovens in commercial kitchens removes heavy grease, baked on grease, carbon and oil from oven interior , stainless steel, griddles, cast iron hobbs and grills.

Solar Oven Cleaner/Carbon Remover is non tainting and formulated with a LIGHT LEMON ODOUR


How to Use Clean Ovens


  1. Warm oven or griddle to 40-45 degrees and then switch off appliance.
  2. Use undiluted. Apply with cloth, brush or spray and spread over the surfaces. Start at the back of oven and work your way forward.
  3. Leave between 10-20 minutes depending on degree of soilage.
  4. Agitate with scouring pad if necessary.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water.
  6. Allow to air dry


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Pack Size: 2x5 Litres

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