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Carpet shampoo for hot water carpet extraction machines and rotary carpet machines, it is highly recommended for cleaning heavy traffic areas such as entrances and reception areas and deep pile carpets. 

Ideal for rejuvenating the carpet quickly and economically without causing too much disruption. Concentrated low foam shampoo for removing dirt & stains from carpets & upholstery in conjunction with hot water extraction machines and rotary machines.

Leaves carpets and fabrics residue free with a lovely fresh floral fragrance. Suitable for colour fast carpets and upholstery.

Also suitable for the pre-spray treatment of badly soiled and stained carpets prior to shampooing.


Carpet Extraction Method:


  • Vacuum carpet to remove grit and dust.
  • Add Solar Intense to the solution tank
  • Heavy Soiling: Dilute 1-80 parts hot water (1 Litre Tank add 13ml) (2 Litre Tank add 25ml) (4 Litre Tank add 50ml)
  • Light Soiling: Dilute 1-160 parts hot water (1 Litre Tank add 6ml) ( 2 Litre Tank add 12ml) (4 Litre Tank add 25ml)
  • Pre-Spray badly stained areas make solution 1-10 in trigger spray provided and spray directly onto carpet.
  • Clean carpet starting at the area furthest away from the door
  • Allow carpet to dry and vacuum to raise pile of carpet.


Carpet Rotary Method:

  • Vacuum carpet to remove grit and dust
  • Soak carpet bonnet in Solar Intense at dilution rate 1-160 parts warm water
  • Wring out fix to rotary machine and lightly skim the carpet surface.
  • When the bonnet becomes soiled wash in same solution of Solar Intense
  • Alternatively spray the surface of the carpet with Solar Intense and dilution rate of 1;160 parts warm water in a trigger spray and fix carpet pad to rotary machine and scrub surface of carpet.
  • As pad collects soiling rinse with clean water
  • Allow carpet to dry then vacuum to raise pile of carpet.


Pack Size: 2x5 Litre





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