Laundry Powder Non Biological 10kg

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Laundry  Powder Non Biological . Powerful formulation to deliver an outstanding laundry wash performance even at the lowest of temperature.

Ideal for use on all automatic and on premises laundry machines. Non Bio Laundry powder has outstanding ability at all temperatures in both hard and soft waters.

Non Bio Laundry Powder removes the toughest of dirt, stains and odours leaving clothes fresh and clean.

Contains oxygen based bleach which removes stubborn stains and soiling.

Non Bio Laundry Powder is also coloursafe and provides upto 135 WASH PER CARTON and leaves a pleasant perfume.

Powder is formulated to dissolve easily and prevent build up in the machine drawer.

Carton contains pre measured scoop easy to dispense into machine.


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Pack Size: 1x10kg




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