Laundry Sacks Dissolvo Red x 200

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Laundry Dissolvo Red Laundry Sacks are used to prevent the transmission of blood-borne diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis B.

Dissolvo Red Laundry Sacks help linen handlers to isolate, transport and disinfect foul and contaminated linen without becoming exposed to it themselves and are an important part of an effective infection control policy.

The Dissolvo Red Laundry Sacks once filled, allow contaminated linen to be handled and transported to the laundry without fear of disease spreading.

Filled bags are loaded directly into the washing machines and the water-soluble seam dissolves during the laundry wash cycle releasing the contents into the washing solution. At the end of the wash cycle, the used portion of the Dissolvo Red Sack is removed and discarded. Will dissolve at 20oC.


Pack Size: 1x200

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