Chlorine Detergent Disinfectant Tablets x 300 (NaDCC)

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Solar Chlorine Effervescent Disinfectant Tablets are a revolutionary new technology where each tablet contains a foaming anionic detergent surfactant. This will enable the tablet to DEGREASE and DISINFECT in one operation.




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Solar Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC)  are recommended by the UK Health Authority as the preferred disinfection method to kill MRSA, Clostridium Difficile, Swine Flu and all food poising bacteria, viruses and spores.

NaDCC effervescent disinfectant tablets are widely used in education, leisure, health care sector, NHS primary care trusts and hospitals all over the world.

They can be used for daily cleaning and disinfecting of

Medical Equipment


Medical Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Bed Spaces


Hard Surfaces


Toilets, Cisterns

Body Fluid Spills

Food Preparation Surfaces

Kitchen Equipment

Mophead Disinfecting



Washrooms- sanitaryware, baths, showers


Terminal cleans, isolations cleans for outbreak of infection.

Solar Disinfectant Tablets are very economical and work out at 5 pence per tablet. Most dilution rates work out at 1 tablet per 5 litre solution.


Disinfecting is essential but can be time consuming and costly because of the lengthy process.


  1. First Step: Detergent must be used first to clean and remove any build up of dirt and grime.
  2. Second Step: Rinse away any detergent from the surface.
  3. Third Step: Use ordinary liquid disinfectant to disinfect the area. (detergent left on surface may inhibit disinfection).


Solar Disinfectant Tablets can reduce your cleaning budget by 30% as they will clean and disinfect your entire establishment.

Solar Disinfectant Tablets are cheaper, easy to use and dilute than using traditional liquid disinfectants where dilution is a lot harder and wasteful.


Recommended For Use In:

Care Homes

Dental Surgeries


Veterinary Clinics


Leisure Centres

Cruise Ships

Public Houses



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Pack Size: 1x300 Tablets

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