Hygiemix Socket Mop Head

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The Hygiemix socket mop head's yarn characteristics is 50% cotton and 50% synthetic yarn which have been designed to absorb better and release more liquid, with just conventional wringing. 

The Hygiemix socket mop head's mixture of cotton and polyester fibre gives the mop head a longer life and, combined with looped strands, minimises shedding of the mop head. It is available in four colours allowing use within a colour coded hygiene system. 

  • Screw Thread easy to remove
  • Sizes: 250grm
  • Looped and stayflat.
  • 50/50 mix of synthetic and cotton.
  • High strength and absorbency.
  • Colour coded

The Hygiemix can be laundered up to 90oc.


Pack Size: Single

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