SoftAir Excellence Dynamic Alternating Mattress

SoftAir Excellence Dynamic Alternating Mattress

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SoftAir Excellence Dynamic Alternating Mattress is designed for patients at "VERY HIGH RISK" patients. It is suitable for use in all acre settings and is appropriate for the treatment of severe pressure ulcers.

The SoftAir Excellence Mattress features 19 dynamic alternating cells with the inclusion of 5 low pressure micro cells for the heel region. Micro cells specifically address the vulnerability of the delicate heel tissue and is a valuable contribution to the prevention and treatment of severe pressure ulceration. The patients head is supported by three static head cells, assisting with rest, comfort and positioning.

The 1:3 air cyclical motion encourages micro circulation at the patients interface, while anchored down cells completely conform to patient interface ensuring that cell migration is entirely eradicated. this in turn delivered effective therapy and offers optimum positioning and a high level of comfort.

Permanently inflated side walls aid transfer by offering a semi stable transfer platform ensuring shear forces are minimized. the unique hinged base conforms effectively to a profiling bed to ensure a smooth interface, thus reducing the risks of shear to the vulnerable sacral region.


Perfect Fit To Profiling Bed Frames

The SoftAir Excellence system is fastened to the bed base with highly durable retaining straps and secured with easy fit robust attachment clips. To ensure effective therapy and for ease of bed making, sheet loops are positioned on each corner of the mattress to prevent over tightening of bed linen.


Secure Transportation

The transportation clip is attached to the hose to ensure consistent cell inflation during transfer. The mattress will remain inflated for a minimum of 30 hours, ensuring the patient is supported on a pressure redistribution surface when mains supply not available.


SoftAir Intelligent Control Unit


The SoftAir pump incorporates a number of intelligent soft touch buttons to allow pressure adjustment, such as alarms silence mode and lock panel functions. the mode can be adjusted to static during nursing intervention, providing a stable support surface if required. An effective safety feature ensures alternating therapy is automatically resumed after 30 minutes.

The auto pressure detection facility automatically senses back pressure, ensuring the air cell inflation is optimum at all times. Both audible and viual alarms will activate in teh event of low pressure or power failure.


  • 360 degrees all round zip with quick release facility, the cover allows convenient complete removal for laundering.
  • Handles for ease of handling and transportation.
  • Sheet Loops allows the bed sheet to be loosely secured to the mattress to ensure optimal function of the mattress.
  • Hinged Back- Designed for effective profiling and shear reduction when used with a profiling bed.


Infection Control

The multi stretch vapour permeable cover has high frequency welded seams to prevent fluid ingress and associated mattress contamination. The cell construction has been designed for ease of access to all internal surfaces for uncomplicated cleaning.


CPR Facility

The quick release CPR tag can be pulled to rapidly deflate the patient support surface when required. Located at the head end of the mattress, the optimum position and highlighted activation tag ensures effective location in the event of an emergency.


Wheeled Transportation Kit

The mattress can be easily rolled and transported in a heavy duty, wheeled transportation bag. The compact bag with handles allows for easy manoeuvre and offers convenient storage solution. A seperate padded compartment within the bag facilitates equal portection for both power unit and mattress. The bag is also foldable and washable for ease of storage and to prolong its use.



Length 200cm

Width 88cm

Depth 25cm


Maximum User Weight

180kg or 28.4 Stone



2 years manufacturers for pump and mattress.


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Pack Size: Single Mattress



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