Hand Care Products

Hand Care Products

The correct technique for using a hand sanitiser can reduce illness, sickness absence from the work place costs by up to 30%.

However, reports have shown the correct procedure of hand washing is not adhered to.

It is not always possible to protect the skin against various contaminants in the workplace. Therefore, cleaning and taking care of the hands is important for controlling cross infections.

For business's to maintain hand hygiene is a difficult challenge as their are incorrect hand hygiene habits across the work place.

Staff do not wash their hands frequently or adequately enough - The average person washes their hands for around 11 seconds. This will remove around 87% of germs from their hands, bacteria grow and double in number in less than 15 minutes.

Practicing a good hand washing technique is imperative to ensure hands are thoroughly clean. Particular attention should be paid to the backs of the hands and fingertips as these are frequently missed.

It is usual to wet hands before dispensing a dose of soap into a cupped hand, however for heavily soiled hands it is advisable to apply the appropriate specialist hand cleanser directly to the skin before wetting. In all cases, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions

The skin should always be properly dried to avoid risk of chapping particularly during cold weather. Disposable paper towels should be used, as the use of hand towels can lead to contamination.

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Product no.: 174A

Pink Pearl Soap 2x5 Litre

£19.99 *
Product no.: 175A

Bactericidal Liquid Hand Soap is formulated for use within food preparation areas or care sectors where there is a risk of cross infection, contains anti bacterial ingredients to combat cross infection, odourless so can be used in kitchens for food preparation, contains emollient for added skin protection suitable for frequent hand washing without irritation.

£26.89 *
Product no.: 176

Anti Bacterial Hand Soap 12x500ml

£24.50 *

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Product no.: 177

Seaweed & Mineral Hand Soap 12x500ml

£16.93 *
Product no.: 179

Alcohol Hand Gel Rub with moisturiser contains the recommended 70% alcohol and will eliminate bacteria and viruses in a 30 second contact time Alcohol Hand Rub passes EN 1276, EN1500 and EN14476 Contains added glycerine to protect the hands and moisturise

£79.00 *

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Product no.: 180

 Alcohol Hand Rub - Sanitiser with Moisturiser 12x500ml

£120.00 *

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Product no.: 86A

Citrus Foam Soap, luxury foaming citrus hand and body wash which generates an instant soft silky cleansing foam.


£23.50 *
Product no.: 181A

Soap Dispenser Bulk Refill (900ml)

£16.41 *

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Product no.: 182A

Foam Soap Dispenser Bulk Refill (900ml)

£18.93 *
Product no.: handgel75ml

Alcohol Sanitiser Hand Gel Flip Top 75ml x 24

£4.10 *

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