Paper Hand Towels

C-Fold, Z-Fold and Interfold Paper Hand Towels in a variety of colours Green, Blue, White

Paper Hand Towels for high usage areas, very cost effective.

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Product no.: 21

C-Fold Paper Hand Towels x 2520 Blue 1ply

£10.79 *

In stock

Product no.: 22

C-Fold Paper Towels x 2400 White 2ply

£15.85 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: 5

Z-Paper Hand Towels x 3000 Blue 1ply

£14.98 *

In stock

Product no.: 12910

Luxurious White Paper Hand Towel 2ply x 3000

£18.70 *

In stock

Product no.: 7B

V Interfold Paper Hand Towels x 5000 Green 1ply

£16.50 *

In stock

Product no.: 6B

Mini Z Fold White Paper Towels 2ply x 6000 (Childrens)

£21.50 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: 23

Paper Towel Dispenser fits C-Fold, Z-Fold and V Interfold Towels.

£10.40 *

In stock

Product no.: 9B

Mini Z Fold Paper Towel Dispenser

£9.96 *

In stock


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