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One of the major problems for washroom cleaning is the build up of deposits within the urinal trap and pipework that often lead to blockages and overflows, as well as malodours.

The deposits are formed when concentrated uric acid begins to crystalise , this added to the desposits of limescale in medium to hard water can quickly lead to a build up of deposits eventually resulting in a blockage.

Once material is deposited on the surfaces of the pipes it forms an ideal place on which bacteria can grow. It is this that cause the bad odour from the toilets with an increased risk of infection.

 Washrooms should be maintained with the correct choice of cleaning product as much of the urine odour comes from floor and tiles, through urine drips.  

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Product no.: 139

Apple Toilet Cleaner 12x1 Litre

£14.40 *

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Product no.: 139-W

Daily Use Wild Berry Toilet Cleaner

£14.40 *

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Product no.: 138A

Daily Use Ocean Toilet Cleaner. will clean disinfect and dedourise in one operation. Non staining safe to use on stainless steel.

£15.75 *

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Product no.: 140

Channel Blocks Yellow x 3Kg

£13.43 *

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Product no.: US

Urinal Screen 30 Day Fragrance available in Mango Cherry and Ocean

£19.56 *

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Product no.: 137A

Thick Bleach 2x5 Litre

£9.00 *

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Product no.: 137-1L

Thick Bleach 12x1 Litre

£14.88 *

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Product no.: 141A

Pine Disinfectant 2x5 Litre

£6.60 *

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Product no.: 153D

Cherry Disinfectant Washroom Cleaner

£9.30 *

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Product no.: 61AA

Lime Zest- Washroom Cleaner Disinfectant 2x5 Litre

£12.00 *
Product no.: 61BB

Washroom Cleaner Sanitiser 2x5 Litre

£12.00 *

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Product no.: 145A

Washroom Cleaner/Sanitiser 6x1 Litre

£9.86 *

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Product no.: 147A

40 PENCE PER LITRE Concentrated Disinfectant Shower Head Cleaner will eliminate the bacterium legionella pneumophila that leads to Legionnaire disease COMPLIES WITH HSE LEGISLATION L8 for cleaning showerheads tested and approved to BSEN1276 Standard, Shower heads should be removed and immersed in solution for a contact time of 5 minutes.  Under UKAS Laboratory conditions product tested to kill bacterium legionella pneumophila. Test report available

£49.50 *

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Product no.: 67A

300 EFFERVESCENT DISINFECTANT TABLETS NaDCC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate tablets which contain a detergent surfactant meaning they will degrease and disinfect in one operation effective against bacteria, viruses and spores including MRSA, C Difficile, Swine Flu ideal for general cleaning and disinfecting, terminal cleans and isolation cleans (Outbreak of infection) Bulk prices available.

£12.21 *

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Product no.: 1607

Lime & Grime cleaner for washrooms, Foaming cleaner to quickly remove limescale, body fat and stubborn soil.

£12.19 *

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Product no.: 148

Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 6x1 Litre

£9.86 *

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Product no.: 152A

Multi Purpose Cleanerwith Bleach 6x1 Litre Trigger Sprays

£9.86 *

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