Drain Unblocker

It is estimated business spends £18 million each year unblocking drains in the UK. These tend to be a build up of fats, oils and grease. Avoiding these blockages by using a drain cleaner product will help you to avoid costs and disruption to your business.

Commercial kitchens in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, canteens, public houses, care homes and schools have large quantities of fat and grease deposits introduced into their drainage systems on a daily basis.

It is essential that you maintain your drains on a weekly basis to prevent blockages and avoid unecesarry costs of a contractor to unblock the drains. Even if your business has grease traps (traps the grease before it goes into the main drain) these still need weekly maintance to prevent build up and blockages

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Product no.: 1608

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner will unblock drains and keep drains, pipes and grease traps free flowing can also be used as drain maintainer as well.

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