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The need for cleaning, prevention and control of infection has never been greater. With increasingly virulent strains of antibiotic resistant infections, hospital and health care acquired infections and the threat of a global influenza pandemic, there is a heightened awareness of health and hygiene risks and responsibilities.

We are committed to providing information and proven products to help you’re responsibilities relating to infection control. Infection control is a discipline of preventing the spread of infection. Infections can spread from patient to patient, staff to patient or staff to staff contact.

Prevention of cross infection includes good hand hygiene, cleaning, disinfecting, vaccination, surveillance, monitoring/investigation. Hospital and healthcare environments become contaminated with dust, general debris and organic matter with potentially pathogenic micro-organisms.

A safe environment is achieved by removing or destroying this contamination and thereby preventing micro-organisms or other contaminants reaching a susceptible site in sufficient quantities to initiate infection or any other harmful response in patients.

This is termed decontamination and involves cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning: this is a process that physically removes contamination but not necessarily pathogenic microorganisms. Disinfection: a process used to reduce the number of viable pathogenic micro-organisms


Chlorine Detergent Tablets


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Product no.: AWIPES-1000

70% Alcohol Wipes Multi Purpose 1000 Sheet Tub

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Product no.: BWIPES-1000

Anti Bacterial Sanitising Wipes -1000 Sheet Tub

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Product no.: AWIPES-200

70% IPA Alcohol Multi Purpose Wipes 200 Sheet Tub

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Product no.: 147A

40 PENCE PER LITRE Concentrated Disinfectant Shower Head Cleaner will eliminate the bacterium legionella pneumophila that leads to Legionnaire disease COMPLIES WITH HSE LEGISLATION L8 for cleaning showerheads tested and approved to BSEN1276 Standard, Shower heads should be removed and immersed in solution for a contact time of 5 minutes.  Under UKAS Laboratory conditions product tested to kill bacterium legionella pneumophila. Test report available

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Product no.: 1601


Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner is a multi purpose powerful disinfectant 60 SECOND CONTACT TIME to eliminate MRSA, Norovirus, C-Difficile, Swine Flu, Campylobacter, Viruses and many more bacteria, passes BSEN1276, EN1367, EN13704, EN14476 tests under UKAS laboratory conditions to prove it kills the above, test report available, odourless so can be used in kitchen for food preparation surfaces and equipment






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Product no.: 61AA

Lime Zest- Washroom Cleaner Disinfectant 2x5 Litre

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Product no.: 141A

Pine Disinfectant 2x5 Litre

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Product no.: 137A

Thick Bleach 2x5 Litre

£9.00 *

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Product no.: 67A

300 EFFERVESCENT DISINFECTANT TABLETS NaDCC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate tablets which contain a detergent surfactant meaning they will degrease and disinfect in one operation effective against bacteria, viruses and spores including MRSA, C Difficile, Swine Flu ideal for general cleaning and disinfecting, terminal cleans and isolation cleans (Outbreak of infection) Bulk prices available.

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Product no.: SVD

Virucidal Surface Disinfectant Spray 750ml kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Tested to EN1446 and EN1276

£2.64 *
Product no.: PROT

Protect-Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner 1x5 Litre

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Product no.: SOL8888

Strip Disinfectant Tablets x 2400 will fit most Tablet Dispensers. 1.08gram (400mg NaDCC) Tablets. 

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Product no.: 285

Black Fluid Disinfectant 2x5 Litres



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Product no.: 153D

Cherry Disinfectant Washroom Cleaner

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