Catering Hygiene Products

Wherever food is prepared or served, the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are essential. The foods safety regulations place the responsibly on the food industry to take all necessary measures to ensure safety and hygiene.

Stringent cleaning schedules and procedures should be implemented to help eliminate the risk of cross infection and food poisoning.

The type of dirt and grime, contaminants and surfaces vary considerably and therefore the correct choice of cleaning product is essential to maintain the standard set by the Food Safety Regulations.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Its is a method of examining every stage in the food chain, identifying steps which are critical to food safety and implementing effective control and monitoring procedures at each point.

HACCP covers everything from raw materials, ingredients, preparation, storage, transportation and operations such as cleaning and disinfecting.

All industries including food producers, food processers, distributers, retailers and caterers are required to conduct their business according to the principles of HACCP.

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Product no.: 121A

Highly concentrated Hard Water Dishwash Detergent for automatic dish wash machines formulated to remove of GREASE, DRIED ON FOOD and STAINS from crockery, cutlery and glassware suitable for all types of machines, low foaming will work in all water types soft, medium and hard.

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Product no.: 234

Chlorinated  Dishwash Detergent and Tannin Remover for automatic dishwash machine

£10.36 *

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Product no.: 128A

Dishwash Powder 10kg

£15.72 *

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Product no.: 123

Rinse Aid for automatic glass and dish wash machines leaves glassware and crockery sparkling and free from water spotting and streaks

£10.60 *

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Product no.: 132

Food Safe Kitchen Sanitiser is a concentrated food grade/safe sanitiser for food preparation surfaces and equipment. BSEN1276 tested and approved.

£10.83 *

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Product no.: 133

Food Safe Sanitiser 6x1 Litre

£9.86 *

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Product no.: 134A

Concentrated INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Kitchen Degreaser for removing heavy grease, oil, fat and soil from all areas in kitchen including anti slip and safety flooring, walls, canopies, drains, deep fat fryers, odourless so will not contaminate food.

£12.73 *

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Product no.: 135

Kitchen Degreaser 6x1 Litre

£9.86 *

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Product no.: 136

Degreasing Powder 10kg

£14.89 *

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Product no.: 1609

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Solar Oven Cleaner and Carbon Remover will remove heavy baked on grease, carbon and oil from oven interiors, stainless steel, griddles, grills and cast iron hobbs ideal for DEEP CLEANING of ovens, no toxic fumes has pleasant light lemon odour.

£18.74 *

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Product no.: 1502

Oven Cleaner 6x1 Litre

£10.50 *

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Product no.: 130

Appliance Limescale Remover for Catering and Kitchen Equipment highly concentrated will remove LIMESCALE, RUST STAINS, CALCIUM DEPOSITS and yellow & brown marks from all catering equipment including Kettles, Steam Irons and Coffe Machines

£11.32 *

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Product no.: 125A

Lemon Washing Up Liquid Removes heavy grease from kitchen crockery and is mild on hands

£6.71 *

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Product no.: 125-750

Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 12x750ml

£12.88 *

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Product no.: 127

5in1 Dishwasher tablets formulated to remove difficult foodstuffs to ensure cutlery, crockery and glassware are left sparkling tub contains 42 tablets

£6.59 *

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Product no.: 129

Dish Wash Salt 25kg

£10.45 *

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Product no.: 324

De Ionised Water available in 5 Litre and 20 Litre

£5.00 *

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