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Heavy Duty Degreaser that is formulated to remove fat and heavily ingrained soiling from floors, walls, equipment and a variety of hard surfaces. It is ideally suited for very difficult cleaning tasks such as removing heavy grease and oil.

The types and degrees of soiling vary enormously. The majority ARE usually heavy grease and therefore a specialist product is needed to emulsify and remove the soiling.

Heavy Duty Degreaser can be used on the following surfaces.


Heavily Soiled Surfaces Walls and Canopies 


  • Make up solution in warm water
  • Dilute 1:50 (1 pump of pelican pump per 750ml trigger spray, 1/2 cupsful per 5litre)
  • Wipe surface with solution using a clean cloth, rinse with clean water
  • Allow to air dry


Floors Doors and Drains


  • Make solution of  dilute 1:200 (50ml per 5litre)
  • Wipe walls and doors with solution and then mop floor.
  • Allow to air dry.
  • For Drain and Gulley scrub covers and drain channel covers dilute solution to 1:50 (1 pump of pelican pump per 750ml trigger spray, 1/2 Cupsful per 5litre)
  • Rinse with clean water

Deep Fat Fryers


  • Turn power off
  • Drain fat and wipe off excess
  • Make solution of  in cold water 1:25 (200ml per 5litre)
  • Submerge baskets and utensils
  • Leave for 2 hours until soil is removed.
  • Use solution to wipe internal and external surfaces with clean cloth and rinse with clean water
  • Allow to air dry

Anti Slip and Safety Flooring


Due to improved health and safety regulations with the installation of anti slip floor coverings in food preparation areas. The benefit of such coverings come with a huge problem. Safety flooring can be very difficult to clean as dirt and grease can build up in the traffic lanes on the floor.

Specialist cleaner for removing ground in dirt, grease and food stains. This high quality cleaner contains a special formulation that breaks down grease and penetrate deep; making cleaning faster and easier, plus restoring the anti slip properties that can be lost through heavy soiling. Designed to leave no sticky residue, Can simply be applied by mop or used in conjunction with mechanical scrubbing machines leaving the surface clean and free from dirt and grease.

Safe to use around food and will not contaminate.


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Pack Size 2x5 Litre



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