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Excellent results from your glasswash machine is most important for sales and customer satisfaction. The perfect pint presents your service and product to the customer. To achieve and maintain this you must use a premium glass wash detergent and rinse aid combined with regular cleaning and maintaining your glasswash machine and renovating your glasses.

Dirty Glasses

Dirty glasses can be identified by streaks and spotting and flat beer/poor head retention How to identify a dirty pint glass. Take a sheet of white kitchen roll slightly moist and wipe a clean glass, if there is a brown deposit showing this means there is a build up of protein on the glass.

Flat beer/Poor beer head retention

A flat beer head can occur when the head is killed by excessive amounts of rinse aid or detergent is left on the glass.

It is imperative you purchase a premium cabinet Glasswash Detergent and Rinse Aid that is specially formulated to work together.

Spots & Streaks on cloudy Glasses.

When glasses are taken from the machine they appear with raindrops, this is either caused by high levels of salts in the water which is not removed by the water softer, or a build up of limescale in the machine.

Limescale is salts and minerals usually higher in concentration in hard water areas. It is recommend to use a Limescale Remover on a monthly basis to prevent build up of minerals and salts

Protein build up on the glass can also cause spots and streaks as the protein attaches itself the water rinsed of f the glasses. Renovate your glasses to remove protein build up. 

Dirty glasswasher machine

If your machine has not been maintained or cleaned regularly there could be a build up of beige or black film around the door and hinges. if this exists it will transfer to the glasses and give poor results To remedy this leave the machine door open over night and this will dry out the bacteria and algae and it will usually die . Combine this with a product called renovate which is specially formulated to sterilise the inside of the glass wash cabinet. Renovate your machine with the glasses inside as this will remove the build of of protein on the glasses and restore it back to its original condition.

Maintenance of your glass wash machine

Daily maintenance - turn power off and remove the basket, drain machine, remove and clean filters leave door open overnight.

Weekly maintenance procedure - remove wash arms, remove and clean jets and nozzles, put back to together and clean machine with renovate, regenerate water softener.

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Product no.: LIPIT-S

Lipstick Glass Remover Starter Kit

£14.95 *

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Product no.: LIPIT-R

Lipstick Glass Remover Refill Pack

£12.88 *

In stock

Product no.: 117

Premium GLASSWASH DETERGENT for automatic glass washing machines. For use in cabinet glass washers to remove soil and stains from glassware leaving them hygienic, clean and sparkling also prevents limescale re-deposited.

Sale Price

£12.64 *

In stock

Product no.: 123

Rinse Aid for automatic glass and dish wash machines leaves glassware and crockery sparkling and free from water spotting and streaks

£12.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 118

Renovate Liquid Glass Cleaner restores glasses to their orginal condition and removes build up of protein, cloudiness, etching and water droplets Liquid Renovator more soluble than renovate powder no clumping occurs in glass wash machine

£16.00 *

In stock

Product no.: RPO

Renovate Powder 2.5kg

£13.65 *

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Product no.: 120A

Highly concentrated premium PURPLE BEER LINE Cleaner removes the heaviest build up of yeast, protein, bacteria and sterilises beer lines, pipes and values can be used on all liquid pumpline systems.

£12.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 119A

Beerline Cleaner for removing yeast and protein from pipe lines

£12.00 *

In stock


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