Purple Beer Line Cleaner - 2x5 Litres

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Highly concentrated Purple Beerline Cleaner that removes yeast, protein bacteria and sterilises beer lines, dispensing equipment, pipes and valves.

Easy and quick to use as it contains a colour changing indicator,  when the solution comes into contact with yeast and protein it turns green. When the yeast and protein are completely removed from the pipes it changes back to purple.

Also contains ingredients to prevent the beerheads from going flat.


How to Use Purple Beerline Cleaner


Dilute solution 1:100 (50ml per 5 litre of clean water)

Run through pipes.

If colour is green it means there is contamination.

When the solution starts to flow through as purple this means pipes are free from contamination.

Repeat procedure again with a fresh solution leave for a few minutes, and wash through if solution remains purple the systems is clean.

Wash thoroughly with warm water after use - water should run through clear.


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Pack Size: 2x5 Litre



Pack Size: 2x5 Litres

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