Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner - 2x5 Litres

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Solar Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner is an Industrial Strength highly concentrated drain unblocker which will quickly disperse and dissolve drain-blocking waste deposits to unblock drains. When used on a regular basis will help achieve reliable, long-term protection from problem drains.

Fast acting extremely powerful drain cleaner rapidly clears paper, hair, soap scum, organic debri, grease, fat, oil, blood, slime and leaves.

Solar Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner can be used for internal and external drains.


Keep outlet pipes, drains, grease traps, waste disposal units, gullies & refuse chutes free from the build-up of grease & fat.

Overcome malodours by removing blockages and maintain drain free flowing.

Can be used as a drain maintainer as well as an unblocker.


Pack Size: 2x5 Litres


Recommended For  Use In:


Food factories







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